What Children do to Floors

Have Children Destroyed Your Floors? If you have young children, that means that your house has more than likely already seen some rough times due to the young ones. The messes start in their infancy while they are struggling with motor functions. Don’t get me wrong it may be a little cute ...

Area and Oriental Rug Usage in the Home

All the Benefits of Coverage Area rugs have a plethora of benefits when used in a home. They can help to fill an open space and add a splash of color to a room. A well placed oriental rug can completely change the atmosphere of the house. As the saying goes, that rug really ties the room together...

Up a Sewer Creek Without a Paddle

A Gift That Keeps on Giving Many people have felt what its like to be up a figurative creek without a paddle. You can get this feeling from several situations, but one emergency that can leave people wondering what to do next is a backed up sewer line. Let’s imagine, for an instant, that it...

Do You Know the Leading Cause of Smoke Damage?

Leading Causes of Home Fires What is the most common type of fire that is likely to occur inside your home? The leading cause of fires in the house is cooking (47%) followed by heating equipment (15%) and then electrical malfunctions (9%). When it comes to cooking, however, there are several ways...

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