Are Your Floors Ready for a New Baby?

For most people, a new baby on the way is a joyous thing. There are, however, specific preparations that need to be made in anticipation of the new arrival. Babyproofing, getting a crib ready, and stockpiling the necessary baby-related items may be things on your to-do list. Cleaning the house ma...

What Can You Do About Fire and Smoke Damage?

There are many ways that your home can suffer from fire and smoke damage. A candle burning may end up catching fire, or the oven might be forgotten during a nap. Other things like fireplaces and space heaters could be culprits but not typically during the upcoming summer months. Another culprit f...

IICRC Certified Cleaning and Restoration Company

At ServiceMaster by A-Town/Hi-Tech, we are an IICRC certified cleaning and restoration company. The IICRC helps maintain a standard of professionalism in the cleaning and restoration industry. To have such certifications indicates that we hold to the high standards and ethics set forth by the IIC...

Hard Flooring Cleaning Service in Abilene

Having a professional cleaning service come to clean hard flooring surfaces may not be the first thing to come to mind. You may think that carpeting is the only type of flooring that ever needs a deep cleaning. However, it might be in your best interest to give your hardwood, tile, or similar flo...

Disaster Restoration Services - Serving Abilene, TX and the Big Country

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  • Specialized Mold Remediation Equipment

  • A Trusted Leader in the Restoration Industry

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