Biohazard Cleanup Service for Your Home or Business

We all know that the world isn’t a perfect place. As such, you can find yourself in some situations where you may need help. ServiceMaster by A-Town Hi-Tech is a company that offers reliable biohazard cleaning. This cleaning service covers a broad range of unpleasant situations that can be ...

Fire and Smoke Damage in Your Home

Fire can be a double-edged sword. We use fire in our homes to heat, cook, and even for ambiance. While most people don’t willingly set fire to their homes, accidents can happen. Fires have the capacity to destroy everything in their path. It can damage homes, businesses, and personal items....

Mold Issue or Not?

We receive approximately 10 inquiries a week concerning mold issues. On average 9 or the 10 are not a mold related issue, it’s a poor indoor air quality issue. Since the primary symptom for mold is allergenic symptoms, anytime someone encounters these symptoms, most assume mold.


Where’s the Water Damage?

After 17 years in the industry, I’m still amazed how water works. When you have a water leak, burst or issue, water is going anywhere and everywhere it can. Most people focus on the obvious, the floor. Not realizing that water doesn’t run along the walls and around the corner and arou...

Disaster Restoration Services - Serving Abilene, TX and the Big Country

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