Who is Responsible for Damage to a Rental?

There are several situations that would mean different things for a landlord and the tenants. It would decide who would have to pay for fixing damages. Here are a few of these situations;


The Importance Of Identifying and Repairing Water Leaks Quickly

Water leakages are a common household problem. It can get frustrating dealing with them. It starts as a slight drip from a damaged pipe and grows to large puddles in your home which can...

Inventory Before Disaster Strikes

Life is unpredictable. And so are natural disasters and good old human error. 

One moment, you could be watching a game on your couch and the next; a tornado could simply tear off the roof over your head.

Disasters, whether man-...

What Children do to Floors

Have Children Destroyed Your Floors? If you have young children, that means that your house has more than likely already seen some rough times due to the young ones. The messes start in their infancy while they are struggling with motor functions. Don’t get me wrong it may be a little cute ...

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