How Often do You Check on Your Water Heater?

Almost every house across the U.S. has a water heater to provide hot water for cleaning and bathing. Now, there may be a few exceptions where people have outdoor setups that are solar powered. But, for the most part, everyone faces the problems that can come with a water heater in their homes or ...

Carpet Beetles: What You Should Know

Carpet Beetles are a varied type of insect that feeds off dry plants, chitin, dead skin, fur, and other natural fibers. These bugs live across the almost the entire world, including the Nearctic zone (North America). Their natural habitat includes bird and rodent nests, and also lairs of other bu...

Summer is in Full Swing!

Did you know that many cities will discount your water bill if you have a pool that you fill during the summer? All you have to do is call the water company and give them the dimensions and size of your pool. If your city gives these discounts, they will adjust your bill for the cost of filling y...

Who Plans on Having Fire Damage?

Not many people plan on having fire damage in their businesses. However, people still take precautions for the unforeseen catastrophe by putting smoke alarms and fire sprinkler systems throughout their buildings. Companies typically have plans for how to react if a fire does happen to start in th...

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