Spring is well under way in Abilene and quickly heading into summer.  With spring-time comes that itch to shake off the winter gloom and have a fresh and clean start to the summer months.  ServiceMaster A-Town Hi-Tech is ready to scratch that itch with carpet cleanings in Abilene, TX and the surrounding areas. 

Why Spring Carpet Cleanings

  • Allergies: Throughout the winter, dust and debris build up in the home.  Couple that with pollen and other allergens entering the home once those doors and windows open back up, your carpets become the perfect hiding place for all sorts of nasty irritants.  These get kicked up out of the carpet where they circulate through the air causing regular allergy symptoms, even inside your home. 

  • Mental Health: Clean carpets don’t just affect your physical health and allergies.  The fog of wintertime leaves a lot of people feeling down, and dingy, dirty carpets only add to that.  Professional carpet cleaning gives the home an airy, clean feeling that improves your mood and helps shake off the winter doldrums.  

  • Carpet Health: Regular vacuuming isn’t enough to give your carpet the care it deserves.  Carpets should be professionally cleaned at least once a year to minimize wear and tear and keep them looking their absolute best. 

ServiceMaster A-Town’s Process

At ServiceMaster A-Town, we use a proven 12-step process for our carpet cleanings, including thorough preparation, pre-treatment, cleaning, and post-inspection. 

  • Area Preparation

The first three steps of our process are meant to prepare the area.  First, we pre-inspect the carpet to ensure the best plan of action possible.  Then, we thoroughly vacuum the carpet with a power vacuum.  Finally, we carefully remove all furniture.  

  • Pre-Treatment

Steps four and five pre-treat the carpet to prepare for the cleaning.  We pre-spray and pre-spot treat high traffic areas and stubborn sports.  We then pre-groom the carpet to agitate out any remaining soil that might have been missed.  

  • Cleaning

Steps six and seven are the actual cleaning steps of our process.  We use hot water to rinse and extract all of the loosened soil, then neutralize the pH balance of all the cleaned areas to prevent discoloration. 

  • Post Cleaning

Post cleaning is steps eight through eleven.  First, we perform a post-spot treatment to take care of any remaining spots or stains.  Then, we’ll reinspect with your help to identify any trouble areas.  Once these concerns have been addressed, we use high velocity air movers to dry the carpet.  Finally, we’ll perform a post grooming for both faster drying and better visual appeal. 

  • Post Inspection

The final step in our cleaning process is the post-inspection.  Your technician will complete a final walkthrough with you to ensure complete satisfaction with the cleaning. 

Don’t let springtime pass you by without giving your carpets a refresher.  For more information about getting your carpets cleaned in Abilene or to schedule your appointment, call us today.