Bekka W


Because my Primary Drive is planning practical goals and meeting them to satisfaction, I have a real Giftedness for organizing resources and keeping work flow up. I recognize my Value to the Organization is use of logical solutions and leading others with team focus. My ideal Environment in which to work is independently and free from office politics. Because of my Fears/Dislikes of illogical actions & disregard to pre-planning, my Response Under Pressure could become self-reliance, blunt, and a stubborn attitude. My Blind Spot can be inconsiderate of others feelings or pushy. I can begin to compensate for this blind spot by taking the time to assure others they are doing a good job & reassign tasks accordingly.

Complementary Team Members: S/I, S/C, S/CD, C/S

Their Giftedness that compliments my own is their ability to keep work flow paced while maintaining a lighthearted environment. Their Value to the Organization, which I need most, is their flexibility and willingness to do what it takes to meet goals. Why I need them on my team is because they get the job done and do so while keeping the whole team flow on a positive note.

I like confronting issues & a variety of activities.

I don’t like routine tasks or long term critical analysis.