Chris J


Because my Primary Drive is finding innovative, practical solutions & resources to better solve problems and getting the job done no matter what, I have a Giftedness in critical thinking, debate, & looking outside the box. I recognize the Value that I bring to the company is synthesizing old info into new forms & quick thinking. The Ideal Environment for me to work in leaves freedom for debate, independent thinking, & learning growth. My Fears/Dislikes are inability to make decisions & lack of influence, so my Response Under Pressure could be going for the jugular, overbearing, or unfeeling. My Blind Spot is lack of kindness or allowance of human error. I can work on this by taking a step back & communicate clearly and positively the work being done & needing to be done.

Complementary Team Members: I/S, S/I, S/IC, S/CD

Their Giftedness that compliments my own is being team players, relating with focus, & flexibility. Their Value to the Organization, which I need most, is supportive & detail oriented. Why do I need them on my team? They keep the work flow moving, promote team work, & give me time to make bigger decisions.

I like a challenge & inventing new ways of doing things.

I don’t like responsibility for minor details or being restricted to one work environment.