Chris M


Because my Primary Drive is being goal oriented and always looking for new & exciting goals to achieve, I have a real Giftedness in utilizing what I have to meet goals. I recognize the Value that I bring to the table is my ability to finish projects with logic and high productivity. The Ideal Environment for me to work in is one with individual projects & small teams. When I face my Fears/Dislikes of slow activities & micromanagement, my Response Under Pressure can be inconsiderate, but self reliant. I perceive my Blind Spot to be taking over projects, which I can begin to compensate for by regrouping and reassigning tasks.

Complementary Team Members: S/I, S/C, S/CD, C/S

Their Giftedness that compliments my own is they are dependable & someone I can trust to get ‘er done. Their Value to the Organization, which I need most, is their ability to maintain balance & keep peace and productivity high. Why I need him or her on my team? So instead of increasing my workload, they’ll be dependable & efficient in work ethic and finish their work.

I like a challenge & a variety of activities.

I don’t like repetitive routine takes or slow activities.