Edward F


Because my Primary Drive is being dependable, I have a real Giftedness for helping and being kind hearted. I recognize the Value that I bring to the job is inside, under a covered area. When I face Fears/Dislikes of confrontation or inhouse backbiting, my Response Under Pressure is to act hesitantly, scared, or nervous. Although no one can naturally perceive their Blind Spot, I believe mine to seeming too reserved or shut off. I can begin to compensate for this by facing my fears and challenges.

Complementary Team Members: D, D/I, D/IC/ I/D

Their Individual Giftedness that compliments my own style is their quickness to respond and their risk-taking natures. Their Value to the organization, which I need most is their ability to challenge the status quo. Why I need them on my team? They present a driving force and direction for me to latch on to and learn from.

I like traveling and cooking out.

I do not like confrontation or change.