Francis C


My Primary Drive is being friendly, so I have a real Giftedness for understanding people’s feelings. I recognize that the Value that I bring to the workplace is expressing feelings and helping solve human relations issues. The Ideal Environment for me to do this work in is when mixing business and pleasure. When I face my Fears/Dislikes of confrontation, my Response Under Pressure can seem hesitant. Even though no one naturally sees his or her own Blind Spot, I perceive mine to be finishing projects. I can compensate for this blind spot by seeing it through.

Complementary Team Members: D, D/I, D/C, I/C

Their Individual Giftedness that complements my own is their critical thinking and original solutions. Their Value to the Organization, which I need, is putting old information into new forms. Why do I need him or her on my team? They can be blunt and to the point and they give direction & motivation.

I like working in a routine and workplace harmony.

I don’t like conflict or speaking in large groups.