Jonathan C


Because my Primary Drive is being cooperative and analyzing things critically, I have a real Giftedness for committing to quality work and order. I consistently follow through. I recognize the Value that I bring to the job is maintaining quality standards and accuracy checks. I also process and define information. The Ideal Environment in where I work is specific and defined tasks anchoring on structure/order. When I face my Fears/Dislikes of surprises and illogical thinking, my Response Under Pressure is to be resistant to rash decisions. I like to think deeply in the course and effect of all decisions. Although no one can naturally perceive their Blind Spot, I believe mine to be constantly overanalyzing and over-thinking situations. I can begin to compensate for this by taking a deep breath/break and approaching the situation from a new angle.

Complementary Team Members: I, I/S, I/SC, I/C

Their Individual Giftedness that compliments my own style is their ability in maintaining friendliness and relating with focus to get the job done. Their Value to the organization, which I need most is their ability to present vital information with optimism and flair. Why I need them on my team? They will be able to bring me out of my comfort zone and see/think about things differently.

I like established structure and order, as well as teamwork.

I do not like surprises or speaking in large groups.