Jonathan J


Because my Primary Drive is striving to surpass my personal expectations and contributing to the positive reputation of this company, I have a real Giftedness in helping team members complete tasks while getting along with everyone. I recognize that the Value that I bring is my innovative ideas and ability to work in a team setting with anyone. The Ideal Environment for me to do this work is one in where I’m recognized for my work. When I face my Fears/Dislikes of being wrong & looking bad in front of my peers, my Response Under Pressure can be analytical & restless. I perceive my Blind Spot to be my high expectations of myself & my inability to say no. I can begin to compensate for this if I Just Say NO!

Complementary Team Members: D/S, S, S/I, S/CD

Their individual Giftedness which compliments my own is that they are dependable team players & ability of being focused. Their Value to the Organization, which I need most, is their seeking logical and outside the box solutions. Why I need him or her on my team? Because they are open to new ideas and able to take a step back and take a look at the bigger picture.

I like critical analysis projects & time to validate my work.

I don’t like to make quick decisions or accommodating imperfections.