Lesa C


Because my Primary Drive is being friendly and using my common sense to get the job done, my individual giftedness is my understanding of other people’s feelings. I recognize my Value to the workplace as one of being personable and creating a light hearted environment. My Ideal Environment in which to work is an informal setting or making work fun for all. Having Fears/Dislikes of disapproval or being inaccurate, my Response Under Pressure may be hesitant or additional time for decision making. My Blind Spot could be finishing the project to the end. I can work on this by seeing projects through, asking for help or more time if necessary.

Complementary Team Members: D, D/S, D/C, S/CD

Their Giftedness that compliments my own is their knack for control and directing the course. Their Value to the Organization, which I need most, is their energy and logical solutions. I need them on my team for their influence, direction, and approval.

I like to express my feelings & making things fun.

I don’t like taking risks or repetitive tasks.