Nate L


Because my Primary Drive is using validated methods, I have a real Giftedness for accuracy and precision. I recognize the Value that I bring to the job is that I can solve problems through logical conclusions as well as finding system flaws. The Ideal Environment in where I work is one with set methods and roles. When I face my Fears/Dislikes of accuracy and precision being put aside, my Response Under Pressure can be questioning or seeming unfriendly. Although no one can naturally perceive their Blind Spot, I believe mine to be focusing mostly on tasks can make me seem cold or uncaring. I can begin to compensate for this by communicating and showing more emotions with others.

Complementary Team Members: IDS, I/S, I/C, S/I

Their Individual Giftedness that compliments my own style is their unconditional acceptance of others. Their Value to the organization, which I need most is their empathy for others. Why I need them on my team? So, I can communicate myself better

I like inventing new ways to do things and I like a challenge.

I do not like compromising for the sake of harmony, or accommodating for imperfections.