Phillip B


Because my Primary Drive is validating data for practical use, I have a Giftedness for being accurate & using objectivity. I recognize my Value to the Organization is solving problems logically and specialized ability to find system flaws. My Ideal Environment to work in gives me freedom to ask questions & structured roles. My Fears/Dislikes are having precision & accuracy discounted as unimportant, so my Response Under Pressure may be questioning, self-righteousness, or more diplomatic. My Blind Spot may be considering only the tasks and not those involved. I can work on this by keeping people I work with in mind and involved with my project plans.

Complementary Team Members: I/DS, I/S, I/C, S/I

Their individual Giftedness is their positive outlook and cordial nature. The Value to the Organization, which I need most, is their ability to keep work flow moving while promoting a team friendly environment. Why I need them on my team is they are mindful of people’s perspectives & tactful approach.

I like working alone doing research & my roles to be clearly defined.

I don’t like surprises or compromise for harmony.