Because my Primary Drive is accomplishing set goals by reviewing standards for completion, I have a real Giftedness for evaluating &organizing the needed tools and processes for a task. I recognize that my Value that I bring to the Organization is my logical reasoning on problems that require detailed processes. The Ideal Environment for me to work is one in which clear goals and processes to meet such are clearly set. My Fears/Dislikes of dismissal of good & accurate work as though it is sloppy, may lead to a Response Under Pressure that seems questioning, critical, and incisive. My possible Blind Spot is neglecting the needs of others to focus solely on the task at hand.

Complementary Team Members: D/I, D/C, I, I/D

Their Giftedness that compliments my own is their production of tangible results and meeting goals effectively. Their Value to the Organization, which I need most, is their initiating of activity and clear direction. I need them on my team for their ability to overcoming obstacles and fearless acceptance of challenges.

I like clear organization & double checking my work.

I don’t like hasty decisions & being rushed or unaccredited.